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  Vaswani Industries Limited  Prospectus   Snapshot
Registered Office Address MIG-4, Indrawati Colony, Raipur- 492 001, Chhattisgarh
Phone 91-0771-4226000 Fax 91-0771-4226099
Email ipo@vaswaniindustries.com Website www.vaswaniindustries.com
Issue Open 29-Apr-2011 Issue Close 03-May-2011
Issue Size 10000000 Issue Type 100% Book Building
Face Value Rs.10/- Price Range Rs 45 to Rs 49
Tick Size Re. 1/- Market Lot 120
Minimum Order Qty 120 Listing Stock Exchange NSE & BSE - Mumbai
Registrar To The Issue LINK INTIME INDIA PVT LTD Grading ICRA - 2
Book Running Lead Managers Ashika Capital Limited
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