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Depository Services

Indiabulls is a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited for trading and settlement of dematerialised shares. Indiabulls performs clearing services for all securities transactions through its accounts. We offer depository services to create a seamless transaction platform – execute trades through Indiabulls Ventures Limited (Formerly Indiabulls Securities Limited) and settle these transactions through the Indiabulls Depository Services. Indiabulls Depository Services is part of our value added services for our clients that create multiple interfaces with the client and provide for a solution that takes care of all your needs.

Documentary Requirements for Depository Account  
To receive E-statements & SMS Alerts    
Declaration for Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)    
To update your Contact Details in Demat account    
Requirements for Demat Account Address Change  
To change Bank Details In Your Demat Account  
To activate ECS in your Demat Account    
To update your PAN Details in Demat Account    
To operate a demat account with or without a nominee    
Option to receive Annual Reports from the issuer in Electronic Form    

Schedule of charges for Resident Individual, Corporate, NRI /OCB
Real time information for online stock trading
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Do's and Don'ts for Demat Account Holders
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Pursuant to SEBI directive, SMS alert facility has been made MANDATORY by the Depositories for Demat Account Holders, operating through Power of Attorney. This facility is provided absolutely FREE of cost by the Depositories.

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Note:  In case the account holder does not have a mobile phone, he/she may provide the mobile number of any person as per his/her discretion.
Pursuant to SEBI Directive, Nomination has been made a mandatory requirement for all Demat Accounts. To register for this service, click here